Located in the Rogue Valley, we provide large animal veterinary services to southern Oregon and northern California counties.

We are a mobile practice offering services at your ranch or home. We provide a modern take on the age-old practice of veterinary medicine and herd management. Our appreciation for hoof stock and horses, combined with our cutting-edge technology, help us provide enhanced care with a caring hand. We are sure you will appreciate the service we provide.

Working with producers to meet the reproductive and health needs of your livestock.
From colics to dystocia, lacerations to broken bones, from penile lacerations to eye trauma, we've got you covered
We look forward to working with you and fulfilling all your veterinary needs


DVM, MS, AND OWNER. Dr. Bur is originally from a small town in western Pennsylvania deep in the heart of Steelers Country. He received his master’s degree in Animal Science focusing on bovine mastitis at Washington State University. He pursued his doctorate in veterinary medicine at St. Matthews University and Washington State University. He has practiced in rural South Dakota doing cow-calf herd work and management in a mixed animal practice, had a short stint in Minnesota, and settled back in the Pacific Northwest to start his business with his wife. During his free time he enjoys anything related to football, soccer, and hockey. He enjoys being outside with his family, and tends to get lost hiking in the valley. He hunts, fishes, likes to cook, plays golf, and enjoys woodwork.


DVM AND MANAGER. Jackie met Bur while attending Washington State University Veterinary Medical School. She’s practiced companion animal and emergency medicine for 5 years, and absolutely loves her current practice. She likes taking a break to be Dr. Bur’s assistant during dental clinics, herd work, and emergencies. She enjoys cats, hiking, and white water rafting, and does a bit too much yoga.


Sidney is the best cuddler you’ve ever met and she’ll be your best friend. She manages the truck and Dr. Bur, receives payments in form of treats, and loses her mind when she cannot reach her ball in time. In her free time she enjoys chasing her kitties and decorating her beard.


Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
~ Available after hours for emergencies
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